Friday, July 27, 2012

a mother's heart

why july, you suprised i'm still alive? :)) i'm so sorry. been physically drained most times, no will to blog. XD i'm lame i know. hahaha

today, even if i'm suffering from migraine, i can't help but share this photo.

back story...
a few days back, my brother found a baby maya in our door step. the baby maya, being very young, can't fly still. my brother worries that the bird would just be eaten by cats who lurks our compound everyday that he decided to care for it until it can fly. so that's that. we feed the baby bird feeds and rice so it will get strong.

a few days back, we noticed that there is another maya coming over the cage. it brings and feeds the baby maya with food when no one is around. cute. :"> we're guessing it the mommy maya.

a mother's love sure comes in different shapes, kinds and sizes. <3

so that's the story. here's the picture:

i can't grab a chance when the mommy is feeding the baby. the mommy is very shy when we're around. we view them by the window and act like we don't see. haha

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

later when it rains

filipinos have a thing called "filipino time". it's a bad habit of being late on appointments. we filipinos hate it when we are the one to wait. but if we're the other end, we don't care. bad habit. we can't be proud of this.

but it's worse during rainy seasons. people are more late. just look at this traffic at 9pm on a tuesday.

here in manila, edsa is always a good alibi when you can't come on time.

red line is the busy road, edsa

lunch special

i'm on "tipid" mode lately due to expenses i now regret. :)) kidding. XD so i've been cooking meals before heading to work so i'll have something to eat during my break.

but work is really my prime problem lately due to unexpected things. i want to get angry so i can get over it. but energy i lack. boo.

so even if i don't have to, i gave myself a treat for a job well done. wintermelon milk tea is my current comfort food. though this isn't my fave brand --for gongcha queue is always long --it's still my savior.

hello, moonleaf! thank you for today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

genuine ken

i've spent a big part of my shift today watching at the barbie you tube channel. i know, i'm a bad employee. =))

i love barbie ever since i can remember. though in my entire history of youth, i only had two. haha. XD my sisters had more than me. but it didn't matter since i can play with their dolls and borrow their doll clothes so it's fine. :)
up until know, we enjoy watching barbie movies over at cartoon network. i just watched the 12 dancing princesses before heading to work this afternoon. :)) i remember when i was in hs or early college days --can't remember clearly --when we really wait for sunday premieres at cartoon network. :)) yes, i'm still young at heart. :P
i can't say i've watched it all. i can't top my niece lulu on that. neither my sister kaye --who fancy watching barbie movies on youtube via her iphone before going to bed. =)) ---sorry kaye, revealed your guilty pleasure here. :)) but i can say i have watched most. :P

what i particularly spent watching was their genuine ken episodes where 8 kentestants fight for a chance to be named as the genuine ken, the perfect american boyfriend. haha. XD

well, the kentestants were great. i particularly like chris. he became part of the top 2 but he didn't get the title. kurtis won. but then, my vote will always be for the kind, soft-spoken, shy, chris. :">

it really is tough to decide on things perfect. i say its subjective. people have different tastes. so naming a perfect boyfriend is not an exception.

but i bet most would agree with me if i say that a perfect boyfriend would always be that one guy who can love you most despite ofs. amidst a women's craziness and incomprehensible moods at times, he would still genuinely love you. ♥

so i say, i have my genuine ken already. :"> yihee, oso. you need to buy me something nice because i blogged about you right here. =))

Sunday, June 24, 2012

ccna1, done!

guess who's done with ccna1 today. --officially! :))

ze certificate folder

ze certificate with my distracting id photo =))

yes, that's the same photo as my id picture, boo! :))
please don't ask me when i'll be enrolling for ccna2, i don't know yet. :| circumstances does not allow me to do it right away. i need to be able in terms of body, mind and money. hahaha. XD
you will know my reasons in due time. :)

for now, let's continue to dream and plan for better things. :D

Thursday, June 21, 2012

morning after

my oso always complains that i don't brush my hair often. :)) i always tell him that it doesn't matter, there's no difference. true. here's evidence..

i took a shower last night. i didn't comb my hair and went to sleep when it dried. so this is my morning-hair-without-combing-since-last-night-after-shower look. haha XD

i love how chubby looking i am here. i look so healthy. o how i love closeup lies. :))

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

olio folio

today was supposed to be my to-finish-my-case-study day. but i'm such a procrastinator. =))

so i just tried this to have an excuse for delaying my case study...

first trial
i made this via Olioboard. i've been intrigued about this for sometime now but i haven't had the energy to try it out. home blogs i'm subscribed too always have their mood boards whenever they start a project. so i want to try it out.
please don't judge me. i'm no designer and it's my first trial. =))

why i fancy this? i dunno. maybe there's a frustrated interior decorator inside of me. =))

the squares found at the upper right of the picture are my floor tile (above the lamp) and my fabrics for the curtains (above the cabinet).
the space i created was supposed to be for a small living space. but the big turquoise cabinet won't fit a small space. =)) forgive me, i love storage. XD 
--shocks! i just realized now that i forgot to include pillows for this. fail. =))

i believe i'll make use of this someday when i have my future home. a few years more. :D

ok, day dreaming's over. i really need to start with my case study. haha.